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Allen Retirement Community to Begin ‘Cookies for Kindness’

Allen Retirement Community to Begin ‘Cookies for Kindness’

Posted on January 5, 2017

Mustang Creek Estates of Allen, a retirement community, is looking to lift the spirits of a few community members this month.

January will feature the kickoff of the community’s first annual “Cookies for Kindness” program, designed to seek nominations for senior citizens and caregivers in Allen who could use a few smiles and some hand-delivered cookies to brighten their day, whether someone who’s recently undergone surgery, is under the weather or is just carrying a heavy load.

The retirement community isn’t keeping this within their walls; they want to give the public a chance to nominate a deserving candidate regardless of if they’re a Mustang Creek resident or not.

Nominees will receive homemade cookies courtesy of Elke’s Market and Café that will be hand-delivered to their door by residents and staff of Mustang Creek Estates.

“Anybody in the community is welcome, and that’s what we’re really wanting,” said Lauren Roof, sales coordinator for Mustang Creek. “We’re wanting anyone in the community to nominate a caregiver or a senior; maybe they’re at home with their mother and maybe their mother needs a little cheering up.

“Someone carrying a heavy load like somebody who’s having a hard time with a loved one that maybe fell and broke a hip and it’s changed their whole life.”

Emotions often run high during the holidays, Roof said, and elderly residents or their caretakers find themselves shouldering a heavy burden. Loneliness can set in, or feelings are stirred when families get together for Christmas and New Year’s Day.

“Some people don’t see their loved ones for a year and when they see them, they don’t realize they’re in this much trouble or they’ve really declined,” she said. “During the holidays, they tend to get a little more depressed.”

The program won’t be confined to just January, though; Roof said the retirement community is looking to make this a year-round program that will reward nominees each month.

Mustang Creek staff members have been getting the word out via the Allen-Fairview Chamber of Commerce and by posting flyers at churches and hotspots like Kroger.

Whether they receive just a few nominees or 100 as the program grows, Roof said they want to see every nominee surprised at home with sweet treats.

“It’s all just about caring and giving a little kindness,” she said.

Cookies for Kindness is a companywide initiative, according to Susan Hoover, public relations specialist for Mustang Creek. The company will pair with local bakeries at their Frisco, Burleson and Keller locations to provide those communities with a kind surprise. Allen residents with ties to those communities may nominate residents there as well.

To nominate an Allen resident, contact Roof at 1-469-307-9468 or at lauren@mustangcreekestates.com