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Generations come together for gardening

Posted on September 22, 2017

Many people might not know that gardening provides a number of physical and mental benefits, especially for older adults.

Experts say that it can improve flexibility and mobility in seniors and can also decrease stress and improve someone's mood. For children, gardening is a tool to teach responsibility and patience.

Beginning this week, Mustang Creek Estates of Frisco teamed up with fourth-graders from Polly Tadlock Elementary School to prepare and plant flowers in raised flowerbeds in front of the school.

The senior living community sponsored planters that the team and residents delivered to the school and planted flowers together with some of the children.

This is an ongoing project for both the residents and the children as they will both be taking care of the flowers together. Mustang Creek residents will be coming to the school once a month to plant and care for the flowerbeds.

"This project was a great idea, and we are very excited to continue our partnership with the senior living community," Sarah Perry, counselor at Polly Tadlock Elementary, said in a release. "Gardening is a wonderful way to teach our students responsibility. The activity allowed them to spend time outside interacting with the seniors and seeing the results of their team effort each day. We are grateful for this opportunity, and we look forward to having the residents over every month."

In addition to the benefits of gardening, studies show that active seniors who engage with younger generations experience less depression and better physical health.

"We are thrilled to work with the amazing students and teachers at Polly Tadlock Elementary," Candy Jiwa, executive director at Mustang Creek Estates of Frisco, said. "Our residents enjoyed this extremely interactive and engaging activity with the students. The generations can learn a lot from one another, and it is a privilege to work with the students on an ongoing basis."